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Eco Raindrops

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开发 Wayne Bowser

Harvesting rainwater is nothing new. There are island communities where their only access to safe drinking water is by capturing what falls from the sky. In North America, this is somewhat new, for most of our drinking water comes from underground sources, delivered by streams and rivers. Its why some regions in the West have considered it illegal to capture rainwater, because of how it feeds underground aquifers that supply water to downstream users.

Our planet is becoming warmer each year, and whether you agree that its man-made, or not, this is affecting how we live, and how we manage our water supplies. A warmer planet means more water to contend with; oceans are expanding, and rainfall is increasing, while in some areas, its becoming drier. Unpredictability is the norm.

This uncertainty is causing many to think about their familys self-sufficiency, and survival. Harvesting Rainwater is becoming a vital element to insuring the production of personal and community food gardens, and to supply us with emergency drinking water. It is becoming more and more a major part of prepping for the future. Where to begin is often a challenge, especially with the ever changing laws and regulations that are preventing systems from being installed, where in some parts of the country, Rainwater Harvesting is actually required!

Eco Raindrops is a mobile application that provides Rainwater Harvesting System information on the current laws around the country, local precipitation data, municipal rebate opportunities, and links for educational material. There is also a Fun Calendar to commemorate special occasions throughout the week as it pertains to creating a more Sustainable Lifestyle.

Have fun and we hope you enjoy the journey with us!